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Helen and Dom Pelynt, Cornwall Wedding – 26th April 2014


My day started with photographing the bridal preparations, Helen and her bridesmaids all ‘onesied’ up and raring to go. In fact when I walked through the door I was greeted by mum and there was a serene sense of calm about the place. Helen had elected to get ready at the familiar surroundings of her parents’ house.

There remained a relaxed atmosphere until around the last hour of the preparations. The pace picked up and suddenly there was a frenzy of activity with many hands all helping to ensure Helen was ready. Then the car arrived and suddenly it was all very real. By now Helen was in her dress and it was time for me to get to the church to capture Dom’s excitement.

I arrived at St Nun’s Church in Pelynt with half an hour to go. This gave me lots of time to go and meet Dom and the vicar for the day. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the guest vicar for the day. He is a man who values his clients and within reason gave me a full reign over the church to get the photographs my client asked for. Very refreshing.

The vicar had known Dom for many years and had been invited over to Pelynt from Launceston to look after the proceeding for the day. Dom’s mother, Marilyn, was the presiding vicar at St Nuns but had requested to be Dom’s mum for the day and who can blame her. After a lovely and at times light hearted ceremony it was outside to dodge the heavy rain showers for the group photos. The heavens were kind to us all and we had glorious sunshine for the next 30 mins.

Helen and Dom’s reception was in Plymouth and had requested their couple photographs be taken on Plymouth Hoe before going on to their reception. I arrived on Plymouth Hoe and suddenly realised that the Plymouth half marathon finish line was on the Hoe the following day. So I was confronted by a mass of temporary railings, a covered staged area and some heavy machinery. The temperature was 9oC and the wind was blowing on shore at about 25 – 30 mph just to add another dimension to their wedding photography. We finished up with a bit of fun involving a rubbish bin and then it was time to get the happy couple off to meet their guests at their wedding reception.

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