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Gym photography is so much more than taking a picture. It’s about capturing your dedication and hard work to create an image which defines you. Thus capturing your physique for generations to come. Firstly you will find a gym shoot with me is professional, yet relaxed. I pre plan every shoot based on pre shoot discussion with you. With attention to your brief I will work with you to ensure you are captured in the best possible light. Consequently whether the photoshoot is on location or gym based your gym photography will be exactly what you are expecting (and often more!).


Many of the people I photograph have never stepped in front of a professional camera before. Obviously you will no doubt be nervous, but my clients tell me they I make them feel at ease very quickly. Irrespective of your experience, guidance on posing and outfit choice is always on hand to help you through the shoot. So whether you are a seasoned pro or a first timer my aim for you to walk away telling people of the amazing experience you had.

Deborah Sarah Baker

However, Deborah can be considered a seasoned pro. Before becoming a bodybuilding giant and personal trainer she was a fashion model. Deborah’s main aim is to educate and support her clients – she achieves this through in-depth, step-by-step explanations and reasoning behind her programming. She prides herself on great communication and support; making herself available virtually 24/7 for her clients.

We had set a very clear 2 hour time slot to get this shoot completed in. Deborah had been carb deficient as she was leaning down ready for the PCA finals in October. Therefore we needed to make sure she didn’t pass out. Generally speaking for the duration of gym photography you will be doing a workout. Ok so it may not be a complete beasting but most people do not realise the intensity required. For this reason make sure you bring food and water a to gym photoshoot.

Pro Gym Saltash

The shoot location was the well-equipped Progym in Saltash, Cornwall run by the ever helpful Dean Dark . It is well laid out but crams some great equipment into a relatively small space. Thanks again Dean,

How a Gym shoot works

It depends which option you decide is right for you. But all gym photo-shoots include a minimum of 5 magazine quality images in a digital format. The photo-shoot will last upto 2 hours and you can have as many changes of outfit as you wish.

Gym Photoshoot physique photoshoot fitness model Debbie Baker

Gym Shoot Gym Photoshoot physique photoshoot fitness model Debbie Baker

Gym Shoot Gym Photoshoot physique photoshoot fitness model Debbie Baker

Gym Shoot Gym Photoshoot physique photoshoot fitness model Debbie Baker

Gym shoot Debbie Baker PT

If you are looking for the best gym photographer in the Southwest to capture your body at its best contact Pete for details.


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Fitness Photography Awards (OriGym)

CHALLENGE MONT BLANC 2019 – Training Day at Imperium Gym

Challenge Mont Blanc 2019 – Fund raising for The Royal Marines Charity & Rock 2 Recovery UK

Challenge Mont Blanc 2019 is the brain child of Dean Burchell of DB Fitness and Nutrition. Dean is a former Royal Marine who now runs his own, successful fitness company. In brief his latest fund raising challenge is to climb Mont Blanc as part of a six man team. The teams ascent is expected to take around 3 days allowing time for acclimatisation. Baz Gray (not pictured below) of Challenge Antarctica will lead the team up the mountain before he then embarks on another single handed challenge later next year. In no particular order the other team members are: Spencer Wilson, Ben May, Jack Llewellyn and Mike Dingle.

Dean Burchell Challenge Mont Blanc 2019 Mike Dingle Challenge Mont Blanc 2019 Jack Challenge Mont Blanc 2019 Spencer Wilson Challenge Mont Blanc 2019 Ben May Challenge Mont Blanc 2019 Mont Blanc, is in the heart of the Mont Blanc Massif, it is the tallest peak in the Alps measured at 4810 Meters and is the highest summit in Western Europe. The mountain sits astride the French-Italian border in the south of Chamonix and northwest of Courmayeur.

Mont Blanc is renowned for its rapidly changing weather conditions and even if it’s hot and sunny, there are still dangers. Generally speaking the kind of clear calm weather that climbers love for ascending Mont Blanc also presents a major risk. Warm temperatures can soften the snowpack and cause it to slide, meaning climbers need to leave early enough in the day to not expose themselves to the dangers of avalanches provoked by midday heat.

The Royal Marines Charity

With the help of your donations the team is hoping to smash their £5k target for The Royal Marines Charity & Rock to Recovery UK.

The overarching Royal Marines charity, ‘The Royal Marines Charity’ has among the widest purposes of any service charity in that it looks after both serving and retired Royal Marines, and their dependants. Consequently this converts into some 125,000 potential beneficiaries. Find out more HERE

Back to Photography

My day started by photographing the team at sponsor – Tim Paige’s, ‘Tamar Towing and Caravans’ in Plymouth.

A quick check of Deans watch and without delay it was off to Imperium Gym. Where I then had the pleasure to capture the team during an endurance leg training session. Ben Wadham owner of Imperium Gym in Plymouth hosted the ritual beasting. Consequently I was very happy to remain as an observer/photographer while the team were put through their paces.

Ben Wadham training Challenge Mont Blanc team Mont Blanc Challenge team in Imperium Gym Jack on a bike Land mine press with no weight sit ups team land mine presses with no weight

Commercial photography and head shots – Bailey Partnership

Commercial Portraits Photographer Plymouth

Bailey Partnership Plymouth Commercial portraits heads shots

I am a people photographer and generally speaking I only ever take pictures where a human is in a shot. I thrive on interaction and as a result I pride myself on making people look good and getting ‘the shot’. By and large you may recognise me for my fitness photography, inasmuch as that is the genre I mainly circulate on my social media.
For the most part I don’t publish many of my commercial portraits photo shoots. With this in mind I felt it was time to share some of this, my ‘bread and butter’ work. I was delighted to be asked by Bailey Partnership to shoot some images for their new website.

What Bailey Partnership say about themselves

Bailey Partnership is a forward thinking, innovative multidisciplinary construction consultancy.
Our aim is to provide a seamless and collaborative service to our clients and project stakeholders. Utilising our range of in-house construction disciplines and professional services.

Bailey Partnership established in 1971, operate from four offices, we are a Building Top 150 consultancy offering a multidisciplinary, integrated, and fully coordinated professional service.
We work with a wide range of clients across the UK and Europe. Our ethos is based on efficiency, flexibility, accessibility and being passionate about what we do. We always strive to build meaningful enduring relationships with our clients and industry partners.

Commercial Portraits

As well as a few slightly more staged portraits the brief required a little  creativity with their office environment. Recently the Plymouth office had a makeover so my task was to make the welcoming, contemporary, professional feel of the office shine through. Obviously it was a fantastic environment to capture portraits. But couple that with the desire of the staff to show how great Bailey’s are and the resultant was some very website worthy images.

Anyway check out their website, they are a fantastic company and the chances are if a person is in a photograph………… I took it !

Bailey Partnership Plymouth Commercial portraits heads shots Bailey Partnership Plymouth Commercial portraits heads shots


Bailey Partnership Plymouth environmental Commercial portraits heads shots Bailey Partnership Plymouth environmental Commercial portraits heads shotsBailey Partnership Plymouth environmental Commercial portraits heads shots

Bailey Partnership Plymouth environmental Commercial portraits heads shots Bailey Partnership Plymouth environmental Commercial portraits heads shots Bailey Partnership Plymouth environmental Commercial portraits heads shots


Bailey Partnership Plymouth office, commercial photography plymouth

Highly Commended Physique photography images April 2019




The Society of wedding and portrait photographers monthly competition receives thousands of entries from around the World every month. I am delighted to say that I was awarded ‘Highly commended’ on a couple of images in this month’s (April) competition. I am pleased to say the images are all part of my ever growing fitness photography commissions. Its great to see this genre of image get recognition at this level. The awards were in the following categories:


Highly Commended Illustrative image
Deborah Baker surreal physique photography

Highly Commended Monochrome image


I love fitness photography and sport portraits, they both excite me for different reasons. But they both have a common goal for me, I like to make people feel great about themselves, whether its during a photoshoot or receiving your finished images. I enjoy putting smiles on peoples faces. A simple reason which is very important to me.

If you like what you see come and join my facebook page so you can keep up to date with the projects I am planning.


If you would like to contact Pete about your Fitness or portrait photography requirements I would love to here from you.




Author: Pete Bennett


PROFESSIONAL SOCIAL MEDIA PHOTOGRAPHY – Great images of YOUR business for YOUR social media.




Firstly whether you are a well-established business or just starting out, the expense of professional photography might get you wondering if it’s a luxury you can do without. Let’s face it, you could just get your mate to take some pictures or just use a few selfies from your expensive new phone camera. After all there are way more important things to be spending your business’s money on than professional photography, right?


To begin with, every business in every industry will benefit from professional photography. Regardless of whom your customers are or what you are selling, professional photography is an affordable benefit. Which notably will influence your business’s overall success. Consequently when it comes to professional photography, put it on the top of the list of expenses that are worth it!


Don’t get lost in the crowd – At the present time over 350 million photos get uploaded to Facebook alone, daily. A professional photographer can help you stand out in a world full of selfies showing what you do best.

Be more relatable – If people like your brand they will buy from it. Understanding your customers and being relatable to them will strengthen brand loyalty. As a result this will convert to cash. Bespoke images of you or your staff doing their work is a great way to familiarise your potential and your existing customers with your products and services. 

Communicate your value – In other words, tapping into a commercial photographer who takes time to understand your business is a great way to deliver your message and show what makes your business unique.

Build Your Social Media Profile – Social media is a fantastic way to get your business seen by potential new customers.

Have consistency in your social media campaign – By hiring a professional photographer you will get a consistent style of images. Therefore the consistency will showcase your brand and help to reinforce brand recognition for your business.

To find out more about a Social Media Photoshoot contact Pete  for all the details.


social media photography Social media photography Social media photography Social media photography Social media photography social media photography social media photography Social media Photography Social Media Photography Social Media Photography Social Media Photography Social Media Photography

To find out more about a Social Media Photoshoot contact Pete  for all the details.


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