Castle Vets Launceston – a commercial photoshoot 2018

People Photographer

I spoke in an earlier blog post about being a people photographer. That is to say I ‘was’ a people photographer until I got asked by Castle Veterinary Group to come and photograph their practice. In summary the brief was to show the caring but obviously professional side to the business. Consequently that meant despite being a vets, photographing people, in fact more people than animals.



 Commercial Photography

Commercial photography by and large means taking photos for commercial use. Generally speaking the intent of this is for business, sales, website or marketing materials. In the case of Castle Vets it was all about the refresh of the website. Its always great to play a creative part in a local business change. I was delighted to receive the call to come and document the various facets of being a vet at this veterinary practice here in the South West.


Behind the scenes

I was a dog owner for many years and as such I have spent many hours in waiting rooms and consulting rooms. Until now I had never set foot behind the scenes. Dispensing areas, kennels, X-ray facilities and operating rooms were all waiting for me when I stepped through into the hidden back rooms. On the whole once I was introduced to the heart of the action it was demystified very quickly. What I was left with was the impression of a very well organised, caring and professional establishment who ultimately want the best for your animals.

Not just pets!

Despite only having time to photograph the pets side of the business on the day. Castle Vets have a well-established Farming side to their business. I look forward to following a vet around later in the year to capture some lambing or maybe a calf being born.

If you are looking for a commercial photographer to capture your business at its best contact Pete for details.


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