Commercial fitness photography – IDASS photo shoot 2018

I do enjoy a commercial photoshoot.

In reality commercial photography comes in all different shapes, sizes and disguises. As many will already know Fitness photography has been a core part of my business for a number of years now. So it was exciting to combine the two into this commercial fitness photoshoot. Furthermore, shooting for a great company like Idass made it very rewarding.

Who has heard of IDASS?

If like I was, you are wondering who are IDASS? If you consider yourself to be a leader in the fitness industry then you really should read this brief article. Idass are suppliers of functional weights, free weights, interlocking flooring and amongst other thing rigs for commercial fitness emporiums. Furthermore Idass make it affordable. Unlike other well-known brands Idass is in fact commercially viable and affordable for PT’s to buy their own equipment. A few options are available ranging from paying cash out right to a pay monthly plan, all make Idass equipment a viable proposition. All you will need to do is find a space to fit one of the different configurations of professional quality rigs and you will be set up.

commercial fitness photography

The Photoshoot

The photoshoot took place in a warehouse where one of the Idass professional rigs had been erected. Black rubber interlocking flooring had been positioned in the around the rig giving it a very commercial gym like feel. Photographically the lighting was positioned to make the scene a little bit light and airy in contrast to my more usual portrait style. It was important to convey a feeling of fun and enjoyment in the final images so out came the bad sense of humour and we started shooting.


Idass have some fantastic fitness related products and their website is well worth a look if you get chance, especially if you are in the market for some new gym equipment.

If you are looking for commercial fitness photographer to capture your business at its best contact Pete for details.


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